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Onyx Black Burr Grinder 5KCG0702EOB KitchenAid Review

Onyx Black Burr Grinder 5KCG0702EOB KitchenAid Review

Welcome to website where you can find information about Coffee Grinders, manufactured by KitchenAid. KitchenAid is USA based company, owned by Whirlpool Corporation.

Name KitchenAid as brand name is known since Year, 1919, when Hobart Manufacturing Company produced electric stand mixer. In early 1900s Hobart started to made electric grinding machine, intended also for coffee grinding. In Year, 1924, company was incorporated as KitchenAid Manufacturing Company.

Today KitchenAid produces wide range premium line home appliances, including blade and burr coffee grinders. Manufactures of KitchenAid are located in Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Ontario, Ohio, South Carolina and Quebec. Design centre is located in St. Joseph, Michigan. Main market is North America (USA and Canada).

Company marketing strategy is to sell products to quality oriented dealers and to stimulate customers to buy KitchenAid line products. It means that customer does not buy coffee grinder from KitchenAid and espresso machine from other manufacturer, but buys all kitchen appliances from KitchenAid.

Why coffee grinder is necessary if you can buy instant coffee in shop and you do not need to spend time on coffee grinding? It is because fresh grinded coffee has better quality, taste, flavor and aroma. And if you grind coffee beans by yourself, you can be sure what is in your coffee. And you must take in account that in instant coffee are included many additives that may be harmful for your health.

Why KitchenAid coffee grinder? There are several advantages. Coffee grinder is not noisy while grinding. It is because that Onyx Black Burr Grinder 5KCG0702EOB coffee grinder has qualitative stainless steel blades and burrs. And RPM of grinder is low (slow grind operation). Second advantage is lower heat generated during grinding process. Lower heat means retained coffee flavor and better taste. Burr blades do not need to clean after each grinding. You can clean blades after 14 times of grinding.