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KPCG100 KitchenAid Coffee Grinder

 The KPCG100 KitchenAid Coffee Grinder is 2nd to none! 

KPCG100 KitchenAid Coffee Grinder

If you are an avid coffee drinker and demand FRESH COFFEE then the KPCG100ob is a must!

KPCG 100KitchenAid Coffee GrinderThe cost is around $199.00 and that is simply because its a masterpiece of all coffee grinders on the market today.  

Made of high quality die cast metal and uses large commercial-type stainless steel cutting burrs. This allows longer life and outstanding grind quality!    

The cutting burrs can easily calibrate up to 15 different coffee grinding levels. Making the grinder quiet, these burrs work at a low controlled 450-rpm. This also minimizes friction, which is the cause for grinders to not work properly, or even burn out overtime.  This alone keeps the flavor of coffee at its peak!  

The KPCG100OB uses special helical gear controls that deliever the coffee to the burrs for grinding.  A strong glass hopper and coffee bin with a strong seal minimizes any static clinging of the coffee grounds and prevents the grounds from escaping into various parts of the grinder, or all over your kitchen.   

This grinder can be found at KOHLS and online in various websites like amazon and overstock.  We have seen the KPCG100OB go for as much as $249.00 and even at that price, it's worth every penny.  

To sum up reviews we have found about the KPCG100OB grinder, we can say that most believe this is the best grinder they ever used and makes a perfect cup of coffee every single time.   

Some have compared it to their 25 year old mixer from KitchenAid, which is still mixing away.   

They love the quietness for the early morning hour grinding. Older grinders woke up half the family because they were so noisy and one person even reported they took their pillow to the kitchen to cover their old grinder to keep the noise levels down, but no more.  

Solid construction was another typical report, and the glass holder is very sturdy  as well. The over construction is very solid and the main outcome (great coffee) seems to be the overall consensus.   

In the long run, if you drink allot of coffee, and love the freshness and taste of a freshly brewed morning , afternoon coffee, on a winter day, or even summer morning, and sick and tired of grinders that work for a few months, then start to go downhill fast, then this is the grinder for you!  

No more scraping the coffee grounds out of the plastic top of your hand held grinder. No more trying to open the lid and having half the coffee grounds spill out onto the floor or kitchen table. No more loud grinding that you have to cover early in the morning. And especially, no more grounds falling inside the grinder where it gets too messy to even clean.   

If you want a coffee grinder that simply keeps it grind, has 15 levels of grinding, supports the flat paper, metal cone or paper cone filter with east, gives you all your grounds without a mess, is quiet and continues to ground up coffee beans the same it did the first day you purchased, then the KPCG100OB is perfect for you.