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KitchenAid Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder Review

KitchenAid Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder Review

KitchenAid Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder is simply amazing. The KitchenAid Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder grinds whole coffee beans for the best tasting cup you ve ever brewed! Whether you re grinding for espresso, drip coffee, French Press or something in-between, 15 different grind settings give you plenty of options. The commercial-quality burrs actually flake coffee instead of crushing it, so you don t lose any of the essential oils that give coffee its full flavor. Turning at just 450 RPMs, this burr grinder also ensures those oils will not burn off due to frictional heat. Special gears control the delivery of beans to the burrs for a better grind consistency, and a plastic seal helps position the coffee bin under the grinding spout to prevent grounds from escaping.

Let’s take a look at all of the KitchenAid Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder customer reviews:

Clifford Well – This thing is the diesel truck of home grinders. The coffee tastes so much better…never thought a good grind could make such a difference. Yes you have to BOP it now and then while grinding but look at coffee beans…their all different and not consistently shaped. I like it all and it will last for ever. It’s so much quieter than expected and grind consistency is superb. We love it.

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Overall, for the price that they charge for these, you will find no better coffee maker. Sure there are better ones out there, but you will have a lot more for just a slight increase in capabilities.