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KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder

KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder

You've probably heard of KitchenAid products, or you would not be on this website reading this article. You may even understand what a Burr Coffee Grinder is all about as well. But for the less knowing and just learning, I will go over what Burr means and why it's the catalyst to some of the best coffee grinder known to man.

Burrs (sometimes called rotary files) are small cutting drills that are moslty used in machine shops, dentist drills and die grinders.  But for the coffee fanatic, a burr is the key to grinding coffee and grinding it to perfection for your particular filtering system. 

In your typical coffee grinder, these are referred to as BURR PLATES because they are round and they are also replaceable.

In the days of old, you may have seen the old BURR MILLS for grinding coffee beans, that you turn by hand.  You would place the coffee beans in the top of the Mill, then hand crank the mill and the burrs inside would grind the beans into coffee for a fresh cup of coffee.

Today, naturally this is done with percision to the filter choice, taste choice and the one thing that never changes is how this keeps the coffee flavor peaked.

Kitchenaid has some of the best "burr plates" if you will, that can maintain proper grinding throughout the lifetime of the grinder. A BURR on a Kitchenaid coffee grinder rotates at the proper speed and does an amazing job, for years to come, when it comes to grinding your favorite coffee bean.

A fantastic coffee grinder  is the KitchenAid KPCG100NP Pro Line Series Burr Grinder which comes in the Nickel Pearl. This is one of the best consumer grinders on the market today, and we beleive at $155 it is a steal, simply because you are purchasing one of the best BURR Grinders on the market, for home use.

If, for some reason your BURR Plates seem to be loosing thier vigor, you can always grab replacements for your Kitchenaid Pro Line series at various places online. We found KITCHENAID KPCGBP REPLACEMENT BURR PLATES FOR PRO-LINE SERIES BURR COFFEE MILL/GRINDER starting at around $33.00 on amazon and restaurant supply websites.

Replacing these plate are a snap. Every Kitchenaid coffee grinder comes with instructions on maintaining your grinder, and replaceing the burr plates is as easy as a few screws in each, and the reinstalling the cover.

From the days of old, to the modern days of  today, coffee has always been an american favorite, and  grinding coffee is the key to freshness! Spending a few dollars on fresh coffee beans, and an amazing American Made Kitchenaid coffee grinder is a must for the avid coffee drinker!